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Lorne is open for business

December 28, 2015

Lorne is open for business and operating as normal following the devastating bushfires that ravaged the townships of Wye River and Separation Creek on Christmas Day. Cafes, restaurants, galleries and retailers are operating as normal with locals keen to encourage ‘business as usual’.

Lorne Business & Tourism Association Chairman, Chris Tutungi encourages people to visit Lorne, ‘Now is the time we need tourist support. Summer is the busiest time of year for almost every business owner in Lorne and without this four to six-week financial injection, sustainability of many small, family owned businesses will be threatened.’

Cumberland Lorne Resort General Manager, Lee Gordon, indicated that ‘Guests from some six rooms were evacuated on Christmas Day, however all have now returned to resume their holiday. The resort is now filling and we are certainly keen to resume business as usual with one eye on the fire.’

Lorne’s neighbouring communities of Wye River and Separation Creek were devastated by bushfires on Christmas Day following a lightening strike on Saturday 19 December 2016. Threats on the township of Lorne were risen on the afternoon of Christmas Day with many residents and holiday makers choosing to leave the town. The Great Ocean Road was re-opened on Boxing Day with the towns fire threat still apparent however downgraded significantly.

Lorne’s community has bound together to support it’s neighbours with the Lorne Community Op Shop providing clothing, household goods and toys to those from the affected communities, a fundraising initiative has been established by the Spirit Foundation (originally arranged to support the needs of local footballer Casey Tutungi) and offers to accommodate people and look after pets are being raised.

Lorne’s community encourages people to visit the township, support the businesses and to spend in the local economy while remaining vigilant and informed.

Information on the fires can be sort through

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