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Lorne Sculpture event set to amaze

February 16, 2016

From March 12 – April 3 the Lorne foreshore will be transformed in to an art paradise with the highly-anticipated sculpture trail, outstanding sculpturescape and live performance art scheduled across all four weekends.

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Sculpture Trail:

The sculpture trail will include 36 unique sculptors extending from the pier along the coastal trail, down the boardwalk, along cypress drive and finishing at the Erskine River. Many selected artists have created new projects specifically for Lorne, with a $25, 000 prize awarded to one sculptor and the opportunity to receive the MARS Gallery Award.

Three major projects have been chosen to provide a punctuation point and night element along the trail. These pieces have been based on Lorne’s most significant sites and are expected to wow thee most critical of viewers.


The sculpturescape element is the only event of its kind in Australia and possibly globally. Over the four weekends, teams of four artists will each create a sculptural piece responding directly to the Lorne environment over a period of two days. The audience will be treated to real-time creativity and be able to engage with the process and artists.

Live performances:

There will be four live performance art projects not-to-be-missed in 2016, where artists use their body to create a real-time experiences. Internationally renowned Australian artists Jill Orr and Stelarc return to Lorne to create amazing projects in unexpected sites. They will be joined by newcomer Ryan F Kennedy and the fantastic Ash Keating who will undertake a large-scale painting performance.

The event is expected to bring a versatile crowd ranging from admirers and enthusiasts, to top established and emerging artists.

Find out more about the exciting event on the Lorne Sculpture Biennale website.