Lorne Beach Books

Lorne Beach Books has become an institution on the Surf Coast since opening in 1999. The owners have amassed 33 years of bookshop ownership first in South Yarra, now Lorne. Due to the quirky and rebellious nature of the owners the bookshop has a very distinct style, with much culture packed into a small space.

The shop caters for readers of all types of literature and pop culture, for voyeurs and purveyors of style with architecture and design books and an extensive and selective range of books, games and gifts for the smallest of the customers. Chic, studious, precocious and just nice, teens can find a book to suit their current want in reading, whilst mum and dad can browse through literature, science, history and that ever-present cookery, celebrity chef section.

Travel makes the world more interesting and as we all travel at some point, even to Lorne, the shop has a large, comprehensive and stimulating variety of both guide books and armchair travel.

To make life easy whilst on holiday, Lorne Books also offers a free gift wrap service and mail out to other regions is available.

One of the most flexible loyalty schemes on offer allows friends and family to make up points to help you achieve your reward. This bookshop makes readers out of non-readers, and happy readers out of the obsessed.

Lorne Books is open every day of the year except Christmas Day: 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm.

What makes Lorne a special place for a special bookshop is the changing nature of those who visit the town. The physical beauty of the town brings people from all over Australia and the world, enabling the bookshop to stock a broad range of books not usual for a small town. The seasonal nature of the town gives Lorne many different faces, with people coming for the winter solitude as much as the summer swims.

- David and Meryl Bartak
108a Mountjoy Pde
03 5289 2489